The Messenger

THE MESSENGER is a sophisticated, Internet-based tracking solution designed to protect you and your family, not just your vehicle. This solution is part of our drive towards a safer East Africa. The Messenger allows you to personally track a vehicle or fleet of vehicles in near real time by simply logging on to the Internet. 

The precise whereabouts of your loved ones will always be a couple of clicks away. In cases of an emergency, you can call our Secure Operating Centre where you will be assisted by a professional controller and For roadside or medical assistance press your assist button


  • ☑ GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring
  •  Ignition monitoring 
  •  Engine immobilization 
  •     Remotely from Application  
  •     By Driver Authorization
  •     By Driver clean Alcohol test 
  •  Openings monitoring & control 
  •  Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) 
  • ☑ SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)
  • ☑ Common Events
  •     Over Speed
  •     Panic Button
  •     Immobilizer On/Off
  • ☑ Power Control
  •     Power External Battery Low
  •     Power Disconnected/Reconnected
  •     Low Backup Battery
  • ☑ Location Evennts
  •     Geofence Enter/Leave
  •     Location Request by User
  • ☑ Automatic alerts to back office, mobile phones and emails
  • ☑ Event Reports
  • ☑ Daily automatic scheduled reports sent to email


  • ☑ Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  •  Increase operational uptime
  • ☑ Maintain uptime of mission critical equipment
  • ☑ Operational Expenses (OPEX)
  • ☑ Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance
  • ☑ Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
  • ☑ Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote events
  • ☑ Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
  • ☑ Reduce fuel consumption
  • ☑ Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
  • ☑ Assist in stolen vehicle recovery
  • ☑ Assist drivers in stress
  • ☑ Monitor, manage and maintain equipment to increase its life cycle.


Wialon is an intuitive application for smartphones (iOS & Android), enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.