Asset Tracker

As an Asset Financier, you need to be able to keep an eye on your investments at all times. In today’s challenging world of innovative financial products and solutions come the inevitable questions:

  • ☑ How can you manage your risk?
  •  What can you do to protect your financed assets?
  •  Is the asset still within the authorized area?
  •  Has the asset been in regular use; Enabling the borrower to honor his financial obligations? To enable you to prove dishonesty in default cases?
  •  What is the one effective way to diminish the threats?

The Asset Tracker is your answer!

We have designed Asset Tracker with your needs in mind. Now you can be assured that even from the comfort of your office, you shall always see all the movement and utilization of the financed assets.

UTrack technology not only lets you determine the current locations of the Assets but also provides additional information on any suspicious activity to prevent loss.

Asset Tracker is the product designed to increase your competitiveness and growth in the lending sector while providing answers to the location tracking challenges unique to your industry.


  • ☑ GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring
  •  Ignition monitoring 
  •  Engine immobilization 
  •     Remotely from Application  
  •     By Driver Authorization
  •     By Driver clean Alcohol test 
  •  Openings monitoring & control 
  •  Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) 
  • ☑ SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)
  • ☑ Connection to Asset sensors and/or engine controller (if available) RPM, coolant temperature, coolant level, oil pressure, voltage, power, and more.  
  • ☑ Battery management
  •     Connected/disconnected
  •     Battery Voltage monitoring
  • ☑ Event customization (severity, time activation, alert Management) 
  • ☑ Multi – conditional events, up to three logical rules for generating event
  •  Common Events 
  •  Over Speed
  • ☑ Status Start 
  •  Status End
  •  Panic Button
  •  Immobilizer On
  •  Immobilizer Off
  •  No Communication
  •  Working Events
  •  Prohibit Working Time
  •  Prohibit Working Days
  •  Late Shift Start
  •  Routing events 
  •  Analog Events by Threshold 
  •  Digital Events On/Off State 
  • Location Events
  • ☑ Temperature Events (Temperature exceeds or below threshold determined by user)
  • ☑ Maintenance events 
  •  Maintenance and Licensing Events 
  •  Maintenance Due Date
  •  Maintenance Due Distance
  • ☑ Maintenance Due Working Hours
  • ☑ Licensing Due Date
  •  Warranty Due Date
  •  Checkup Due Date
  • ☑ Power Control 
  •     Power External Battery Low
  •     Power Reconnected
  •     Power Disconnected
  •     Low Backup Battery


  • ☑ Reduction in risk and enhanced asset security as the asset is under 24-hour surveillance
  • ☑ Efficient tracking of the asset when defaulting occurs and when the need arises for repossession (even in cases where appearance has been altered e.g as a result of spraying)
  • ☑ Provision of an insight into potential misuse of the assets - this helps control premature asset depreciation
  • ☑ Excessive asset downtimes are detectable -  this gives pointers as to why a customer may be having difficulties sticking to his repayment plan
  • ☑ Cost savings - the system eliminates the need to hire investigators to establish the location of financed assets.
  • ☑ Promotes cordial relationship with defaulting client when recovering assets, this ensures defaulters remain your client.
  • ☑ Ability to automatically and remotely monitor asset movement into unauthorized area
  • ☑ Full Fleet Management Services - Asset monitoring and location/ positioning services (GPS/GPRS/GSM tracking): Provision of username and password for monitoring on the internet via Utrack Secure website.
  • ☑ Full vision and monitoring of the asset - Asset location updates and usage history
  • ☑ Ability to identify misuse and deviations from set routes.
  • ☑ Maximize efficiency and asset usage with a better route and resource planning.
  • ☑ Enhanced asset security
  • ☑ Reduced asset management and operating costs.
  • ☑ Reliable customer service (if in distribution/ supply chain)
  • ☑ Improved safety standards
  • ☑ Improved productivity and growth
  • ☑ Quicker recovery in event of asset theft.
  • ☑ Reduced maintenance and repairs expenses


This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.