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The services being provided meets our demands in monitoring our fleet.
Since we have chosen the Utrack Africa – features (The Messenger) as our vehicles' monitoring tool, we have been able to reduce transport operational costs, ensure safety to our vehicles and save time with greater ease. They also provide the same level of professional services, competent technicians available all the time whenever the need arises. I would like to convey my appreciation to all of you.
Generally, Utrack has done a good service to us throughout 2016. Thanks to customer care efforts to make this service come with a human face. Hope next year you can do better.
I appreciate the management of the tracking system customer services.
We are so pleased with the service we are getting from Utrack so far. However, my concern is your service beyond warranty whereby most units tend to lose GPS after 2 years forcing us into purchase expenses which is not favoring my finance flow. Therefore, I suggest you find another way of repairing rather than purchase for the units beyond warranty.
The service offered is the best. It has helped us in monitoring our fleet and the drivers' behavior but there are some issues on network problem in some destinations such as Lusaka, Zambia.
Good services but the credit controller has no patience on requesting the check.
Your services are received well by our logistics department and are user-friendly as per their feedback. When we had faced difficulties in operating the tracking system in the beginning stages, U-track had been very helpful in rectifying all difficulties efficiently and with speed. All in all, we are very satisfied with U-track.
We have used the facility which has run smoothly over the past year. Any technical issues that we experience, the support team is fairly available.
Satisfactory services.
We are happy with the services.
Huduma ni nzuri, kama tukitaka msaada tunapata kwa wakati.
We are doing our work in a good way with your services. We recommend that you go on improving. Thanks for your service.
I believe that the effort and time that you have put in ensure that my problem with my tracking system should be complimented. I know that the stress and pressure that I had made to you had meant you undertaking long and stressful working time to ensure that I get the best and usual service that I'm used to from Utrack Africa, and yet I have never heard you complain once. I hope that I will not be faced with the same situation in the near future though this might accidentally happen, in this instance it is only your hard work that has brought back my smile and made me a happy satisfied Utrack Africa client once again. I wish you a very bright future with Utrack Africa.
We would like to thank you regarding your service given to us. We are happy with this service and have no problem with it.
Your services are good and it is very useful to us and our business. It's also affordable and user-friendly.

Service is good and it's really helping us in monitoring our fleet. Several checkups from your technicians are done and technical advice is always available timely.

We are pleased with your system of Vehicle Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System to our operational vehicles in our company. It real help us in getting the real time vehicle location which add value on us and save us time and costs. We appreciate your outstanding customer support services we got from you and we enjoyed working with you.

Good performance.


Utrack Africa is proud to take 4th place in the Wialon Top 10 Africa 2023 partner rankings after achieving remarkable results and connecting an impressive number of units to Wialon in the African region.

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