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As Utrack Africa continues to expand, we require more manpower in different fields in the Company, especially individuals with a set of skills and relevant experience in Fleet Management or Vehicle Tracking Systems. 

If you are interested in joining our team and grow with us, please send your soft copy detailed CV* for consideration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in the form on the right with the required details. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and competitive remuneration will be offered to the right candidate based on their skills and relevant experience. 

*Only successful candidates will be contacted. 

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GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring Y
Ignition monitoring Y
  Engine immobilization   -- Remotely from Application    -- By Driver Authorization  -- By Driver clean Alcohol test  Y
Openings monitoring & control  Y
Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) Y
Driver Behavior and Management  Y
  •  + Driver ID – via Dallas button or RFID tag
  •  + Maintenance management  
  •  + Integration with existing SAP system 
  •  + SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)

Kwa Ngulelo, Baraa, Behind Puma Petrol Station, Block 169GG 

P.O. Box 15360, Arusha, Tanzania.

Tel: +255 776 222 000 | +255 777 101 222.

Fax : +255 736 500 532

No. 34, Off Mwai Kibaki Road (Rainbow Area),

behind GBP Filling Station, 

Mbezi Beach,

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Mobile : +255 787 887 225 | 754 887 225 |782 887 225 

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Large-scale farmers rely heavily on tractors to perform various tasks on the farms. These tractors should, therefore, be properly managed and handled so that they may perform optimally. 

We understand the importance of these assets to farmers and have therefore customized an all-in-one Tractor Tracking solution to help farmers easily and efficiently track and manage the tractors and the operators.

With detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports, tractor owners are able to get important information such as work and unauthorized work hours, fuel usage, trip logs and several others. With these reports, informed decisions and measures can be taken so to ensure the tractors are properly managed and utilized. 

  • Real-time tracking and tracing
  • Driver management
  • Work & unauthorized work hours
  • Fuel monitoring:

- Fuel amount

- Refueling events and amount dispensed

- Fuel consumption rate

- Theft detection

  • Engine monitoring, when applicable
  • Peripherals:

- Driver ID

- Engine Immobilizer

- Door/hatches sensors

- Additional sensors per request

  • Automatic alerts to back office, e-mail and mobile phones
  • Operational and statistical customized reports
  • Structural authorizations to the system
  • Option for real-time video solution
  • Global interface for operators and operation center
  • GSM Jamming detection (with automatic demobilization control)
  • SMS configuration commands & SMS information request commands
  • On board, 3-axis accelerometer for driver behavior analyzing
  • In-vehicle, real time, buzzer indication (Over speeding, Braking, Accelerating etc.)
  • Low power operation mode
  • Vehicle Immobilizing control, including smart output control information (Active state, Current detection and Over current detection)
  • Remote version upgrade
  • Multiple driver Identification devices support (Dallas button, Keypad, RFID cards)
  • Multiple engine computer diagnostic support options - FMS/OBD (using external MILA7 device)
  • Multi-function inputs (Configurable as Analog / Digital and State time filtering)

Operational Benefits

  •   Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  •   Increase operational uptime
  •   Maintain uptime of mission-critical equipment

Cost Reduction

  • Operational Expenses (OPEX)
  • Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance
  • Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
  • Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote events
  • Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
  • Assist in stolen vehicle recovery
  • Assist drivers in stress

  Capital Expenses (CAPEX)

  • Monitor, manage and maintain equipment to increase its life cycle

This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON™ Control enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safe operation. 

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of assets
  • Time, distance and speed monitoring (on mobile assets)
  • Fully functional real-time fuel monitoring (theft detection, refueling, fuel consumption, ongoing fuel level and more)
  • Variety of asset sensors monitoring (Ignition, doors, cooling cabin, access control and other inputs)
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Security features – remote immobilizer, remote shutdown, alarm, etc.
  • Real-time dynamic control panel
  • User-defined areas of interest (Geo-fencing) – radius, polygon, routes, and POI’s (customers, suppliers, offices, etc.)
  • 2-way messaging with remote asset operator (through Message Data Terminal).
  • User-defined automatic alerts
  • Send alerts through e-mail accounts and mobile phones (SMS)
  • Highly detailed, custom made, Operational and statistical reports
  • Advanced authorization module for users management 

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide our clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

iZON™ is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.

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