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Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Customs and Excise Department introduced the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) to monitor the movement of goods under Customs Control in Tanzania

Your Cargo Transport Fleet represents one of the biggest investments your organization makes. You can only attain a good return if the fleet runs efficiently and securely in line with the goals and objectives of your organization.

We are proud to introduce the Utrack ECT-1 system. It is the only fully functional wireless GPS/GPRS/GSM and RFID monitoring solution currently in the regional market.

In many cases the employees are usually involved in the theft of the cargo they are entrusted to transport. 

Simply tracking the cargo is not enough, knowing when its content is being tampered with, removed and where is just as important.

Utrack ECT-1 provides the solution to solve this problem. ECT-1 is our GPS/GPRS device with embedded active RF module. It has the ability to continuously monitor the unlock/lock status of the RFSeal securing the outlets.

Utrack’s ECT-1 is the most advanced Wireless RFID Transport logistics solution that will re-define the way you provide services to your customers. This solution is reliable and cost-effective helping to put you in total control of the Fleet.

Hardware Components

  • ☑ Monitors transit cargo status in real time.
  • ☑ Reusable up to 1000 times.
  • ☑ Have  reinforced steel bolt capable of handling extreme pressure which is re-usable (as opposed to cutting)
  • ☑ Can be activated or deactivated remotely
  • ☑ Has battery life of 5 years and does not require to be recharged (Maintenance free)
  • ☑ Certified Intrinsically Safe (see section on certificates)
  • ☑ Rugged finish to allow for harsh environmental conditions - Customized for the African market.
  • ☑ Physically lockable with a key offering additional security to Cargo
  • ☑ Has internal memory and stores relevant information regarding the sealed cargo within itself. Records up to 55 events.
  • ☑ Seals have capability to read/write using Micro reader or Hand Held Terminal


avl gps tracking device
  • ☑ Real-time reporting on Utrack Cargo Monitoring platform.
  • ☑ Capable of providing Advanced Fleet Management and Vehicle Telematics Features to Transporter
  • ☑ Provides full integration with Utrack RF Reader
  • ☑ Complete GPRS/GPS/GSM Tracking Device
  • ☑ Provides the Location and Geofence information to the Monitoring Centre
  • ☑ Completes the communication cycle to the control center

Note: For our clients on Fleet Pro and Fleet Advanced systems there will be no need to make any changes as these systems already meet the TRA ECTS specifications.


  • ☑ High frequency, long-range RF monitoring capabilities.
  • ☑ Simultaneous communication with numerous electronic seals and sensors.
  • ☑ Read/write range of up to 50m.
  • ☑ Sends and Receives data from the Seals
  • ☑ Is linked to the Control Centre via Modem (AVL)


Portable Tracking Unit
  • ☑ Standalone tracking device
  • ☑ Provides direct compliance with TRA requirements without any need for integration with any other system in the vehicles.
  • ☑ Long battery life, up to 3 years
  • ☑ GPS/GPRS capability
  • ☑ Lock sensor providing Lock and Unlock Status
  • ☑ Rechargeable battery
  • ☑ Unit comes with reinforced mechanical bracket to secure container doors
  • ☑ Option to use additional lock with key for added security
  • ☑ IP67 Compliance
  • ☑ Small footprint 


Tarpaulin Seal
  • ☑ Stainless Steel Wire used to secure cargo
  • ☑ Available in Different lengths: 25M, 35M, 50M in Stainless Steel
  • ☑ Uses Mul-T-Lock padlock to secure seal and Steel wire
  • ☑ Uses Dataseal to Secure and Monitor Cargo Status in Real Time


Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Portable Tracking Unit (Tagging)

Tagging is done our authorized ECTS port agents at the designated port or border locations. Here is a video showing how it's done:

Seal Rental Payments via Mobile Money

  1. ☑ Go to Mpesa, Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money menu (Tanzanian mobile money operators)
  2. ☑ Go to Financial Services Menu 
  3. ☑ Select option to send Money (from Mobile Wallet) to Bank
  4. ☑ From the list of banks select BancABC
  5. ☑ Insert TSH amount to be sent
  6. ☑ Insert Utrack TSH bank account number – 4993092026
  7.  Show confirmation SMS to our Tagging Agent to receive services.
  8. ☑ Please be patient as Tagging Operator will first confirm receipt of funds with the office.

Service available during normal office working hours /days excluding Public Holidays i.e. Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm, Sat 9 am to 1 pm.

Features & Benefits

  • ☑ Cost Effective Solution
  • ☑ Quick and Easy Installation
  • ☑ Fully Web-based and available from any internet connected computer providing administrative tools for management of the account.
  • ☑ User-Friendly Website/Interface
  • ☑ Extremely flexible and customizable.
  • ☑ Speed Monitoring
  • ☑ Driver Management
  • ☑ Locate Truck/Tanker at desired or set interval
  • ☑ Immobilize/Disable vehicle in case of theft or other emergencies.
  • ☑ Job Dispatch
  • ☑ Fleet Maintenance Tool
  • ☑ Dashboard for live monitoring on Google map
  • ☑ Vehicle Manager to configure device such as speed, set up drivers, allocate vehicle in groups
  • ☑ Asset locator – help locate your asset or group of assets quickly on the map
  • ☑ Local Search engine capability
  • ☑ Reduced operating costs
  • ☑ Increased utilization
  • ☑ Protects product quality
  • ☑ Reduced theft (of vehicle, product and vehicle fuel)
  • ☑ Maximized efficiency
  • ☑ Have full vision and monitoring of the fleet
  • ☑ Identify private use and misuse of fleet
  • ☑ Enhance fleet security
  • ☑ Enhance staff/ user safety
  • ☑ Enhance road safety through better driver behavior
  • ☑ Reduce human resource costs (No need for route managers)
  • ☑ Reliable customer confidence (if in distribution/ supply chain)

ECTS Helpdesk

We thank you for choosing Utrack Africa as your ECTS service provider. To provide you with better services, we have set up an ECTS Helpdesk dedicated to providing support to our ECTS clients.

The helpdesk will be open for extended hours to enable you access help whenever you need it. We also have a support hotline reachable 24 hours a day. Below are the services provided by the Utrack ECTS support desk:

  • Seal Activation/Tagging Support Services

    The support team will coordinate seal tagging services at the various loading/activation points for all ECTS clients for both portable tracking units and fixed ECTS systems. For proper planning, we request that the Support team is informed of expected activations at least 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Training

    The Support team will arrange for training of clients on correct usage, charging, storage and maintenance of our ECTS portable devices/seals.

  • Incident Logging and Advisory Services

    Utrack's Support desk is your one-stop center to report all incidents e.g loss or theft of seal, trip extension, delays in transit etc. Our highly trained support team will log the incident into our system and offer you advice on what steps to take next. 

  • Hardware/Firmware Information

    When hardware/firmware upgrades are available, our support team will contact you to advise you of the same and to make arrangements on how your seals can be upgraded. They will also contact you to let you know when the process is complete so that you can arrange collection where necessary.

  • General Information

    The Control Room will regularly circulate general information and new developments to all our customers that may have an impact on their business and ECTS in general

  • Contacts

    Hotline Number: (255) 784 123 000

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agro Machinery Tracking & Management

Large-scale farmers rely heavily on tractors to perform various tasks on the farms. These tractors should, therefore, be properly managed and handled so that they may perform optimally. 

We understand the importance of these assets to farmers and have therefore customized an all-in-one Tractor Tracking solution to help farmers easily and efficiently track and manage the tractors and the operators.

With detailed daily, weekly or monthly reports, tractor owners are able to get important information such as work and unauthorized work hours, fuel usage, trip logs and several others. With these reports, informed decisions and measures can be taken so to ensure the tractors are properly managed and utilized. 


  • ☑ GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring
  •  Ignition monitoring 
  •  Engine immobilization 
  •     Remotely from Application  
  •     By Driver Authorization
  •     By Driver clean Alcohol test 
  •  Openings monitoring & control 
  •  Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) 
  • ☑ SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)
  • ☑ Driver ID – via Dallas button or RFID tag
  • ☑ Maintenance management  
  • ☑ Integration with existing SAP system 
  • ☑ Real-time fuel monitoring 
  • ☑ Fuel level & amount 
  • ☑ Fuel dispensed into fuel tank
  • ☑ Fuel consumption rate
  • ☑ Theft detection
  • ☑ Tanker Cargo Compartment Monitoring
  • ☑ Connection to Asset sensors and/or engine controller (if available) RPM, coolant temperature, coolant level, oil pressure, voltage, power, and more.  
  • ☑ Battery management
  •     Connected/disconnected
  •     Battery Voltage monitoring
  • ☑ Real-time video surveillance 
  • ☑ Video on demand
  • ☑ Automatic snapshots upon alerts
  • ☑ Event customization (severity, time activation, alert Management) 
  • ☑ Multi – conditional events, up to three logical rules for generating event
  •  Common Events 
  •  Over Speed
  • ☑ Status Start 
  •  Status End
  •  Panic Button
  •  Immobilizer On
  •  Immobilizer Off
  •  No Communication
  •  Working Events
  •  Prohibit Working Time
  •  Prohibit Working Days
  •  Late Shift Start
  •  Routing events 
  •  Analog Events by Threshold 
  •  Digital Events On/Off State 
  •  Fuel events 
  •     Refueled 
  •     Empty Tank 
  •     Fuel Drop 
  •     Fuel Level at X Value
  • ☑ Temperature Events (Temperature exceeds or below threshold determined by user)
  • ☑ Maintenance events 
  •  Maintenance and Licensing Events 
  •  Maintenance Due Date
  •  Maintenance Due Distance
  • ☑ Maintenance Due Working Hours
  • ☑ Licensing Due Date
  •  Warranty Due Date
  •  Checkup Due Date
  • ☑ Power Control 
  •     Power External Battery Low
  •     Power Reconnected
  •     Power Disconnected
  •     Low Backup Battery
  • ☑ Location Events 
  •     Geofence EntrY
  •     Geofence Leave
  •     Location Request By User
  •  Contact (Driver) Events 
  •     Contact Identification
  •     Unrecognized Contact
  •     Unauthorized Code
  •     No-Code Ignition


  • ☑ Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  •  Increase operational uptime
  • ☑ Maintain uptime of mission critical equipment
  • ☑ Operational Expenses (OPEX)
  • ☑ Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance
  • ☑ Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
  • ☑ Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote events
  • ☑ Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
  • ☑ Reduce fuel consumption
  • ☑ Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
  • ☑ Assist in stolen vehicle recovery
  • ☑ Assist drivers in stress
  • ☑ Monitor, manage and maintain equipment to increase its life cycle.


This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON™ Control enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations. 

Primary Features

  • ☑ Real-time monitoring and tracking of assets
  • ☑ Time, distance and speed monitoring (on mobile assets)
  • ☑ Fully functional real-time fuel monitoring (theft detection, refueling, fuel consumption, ongoing fuel level and more)
  • ☑ Variety of asset sensors monitoring (Ignition, doors, cooling cabin, access control and other inputs)
  • ☑ Engine diagnostics
  • ☑ Security features – remote immobilizer, remote shutdown, alarm, etc.
  • ☑ Real-time dynamic control panel
  • ☑ User-defined areas of interest (Geo-fencing) – radius, polygon, routes, and POI’s (customers, suppliers, offices, etc.)
  • ☑ 2-way messaging with remote asset operator (through Message Data Terminal).
  • ☑ User-defined automatic alerts
  • ☑ Send alerts through e-mail accounts and mobile phones (SMS)
  • ☑ Highly detailed, custom made, Operational and statistical reports
  • ☑ Advanced authorization module for users management 

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

iZON™ is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.

Container Tracking

This is the most sophisticated unit for tracking containers in real time for security and management. The Container Tracking CT-1 integrates a GPS receiver, a cellular network modem (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and a built-in accelerometer. The system gives you a full control of all possible events and situations with its automatic remote operation, system stability, and continuity.

The CT-1 was tested and received approvals from the leading labs around the world. They include:

  • ☑ eMark (E24 10R-020086)
  • ☑ TUV-GS

  • ☑ FCC Part 15
  • ☑ UL 60950
  • ☑ CB Certification
  • ☑ CE certification
  • ☑ Vibration and Shock Tests (done in a military lab).


  • Reat-time location updates
  • Route creation and monitoring with deviation alerts
  • Lock status monitoring
  • Unauthorized movement notification
  • Points of Interest (POI)/ Geo-fencing - border, towns, rest points.
  • Battery level monitoring
  • Clear detailed maps

  • ☑ Trip summary (Snail Trail)
  • ☑ Alerting via email, on-screen and SMS options
  • ☑ Wide range of customizable reports
  • ☑ Long lasting battery
  • ☑ Rugged secure design with reinforced mechanical bracket
  • ☑ Plug and Play devices - no installation required
  • ☑ Compliant to TRA requirements for monitoring of Transit goods (ECTS)


  • You're in control of a wide range of situations.

    The system can connect wirelessly to external sensors and several sensors can operate simultaneously giving you the ability to protect your container remotely. For example, you can know exactly when a container has reached the customer's area; and you can be aware of every movement of the container.

    You'll be notified if there's damage or a blow to the container and you'll be alerted if the container is broken into - even if the break-in bypasses the door. You can pinpoint the container's location even when it is aboard a ship on the high seas and even where there is no GSM network signal. Moreover, if ever your container falls overboard (never, we hope), you can be alerted immediately.

    For a refrigerated container, you can receive an alert when power is connected or disconnected, and when the temperature rises or falls. You can also log the history of temperature readings throughout the voyage.

  • You enjoy the convenience of the system

    Due to base facilities located in over 50 countries around the world, contain the maps of over 70 countries, and can operate in over 25 languages, enabling both you and your customers to pinpoint your merchandise precisely on its way to delivery.

  • You have an edge in terms of the service

    Provided to your customer - since in case of an unexpected change of plans you can organize the appropriate response. For example, since you know exactly when the container left port, you can get prepared administratively in real time.

  • You are confident

    That in any unexpected situation, the system will function automatically. For example, if the container's door opens in an authorized area, you are automatically alerted on your cell phone.

  • You receive continuous performance

    With less need for maintenance, thanks to the ability to monitor the container for a lengthy period without a battery recharge.

  • You enjoy the user-friendliness of the system

    With only a few simple operations you can define the reports, alerts and their destinations. For example, you could specify a monthly report to be e mailed from each port on the container route, and an immediate SMS to be sent to your personal cell phone if the container starts traveling in an excessive speed over land.

  • You have the advantage of high quality

    In a system that complies with the automotive industry's demanding standards.

Refrigerated Container Tracking

When moving perishable goods over long distances, it’s absolutely vital that those good are moved as quickly as possible while in tightly-controlled conditions. This is why countless companies rely on refrigerated trucks to transport perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, ice cream, and frozen food.

Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable cargo are wasted in the supply chain. Smart transportation companies understand the value of reliable cold chain monitoring and delivering properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers. Aside from the financial costs of improper cargo temperature control, today's regulatory climate demands that refrigerated assets be monitored and controlled in real time.

Utrack refrigerator solution records temperature and other data from the operation of the refrigeration unit and are suitable for all kinds of vehicles, from small vans up to semi-trailers. Combined with a GPS tracker temperature sensor recorder allows for remote control and data monitoring of refrigerator.


REAL TIME TRACKING: Always know where your vehicles are and be in control with detailed information at your fingertips. Live information on vehicle location, fuel level, drivers hours remaining, refrigeration unit status and more data points are available with a single click. One of the biggest worries with any shipment of perishable or frozen goods is that the refrigeration in the truck may fail, causing a loss of all product in the shipment.

The issue is that, unless the driver is constantly stopping the vehicle once every couple of hours to get out of the cab and into the refrigeration unit to check the temperature, it’s all too easy for a refrigeration failure to go undetected long enough for the cargo to spoil. Our GPS tracking for refrigerated trucks can help alleviate this worry. Specially designed GPS trackers for refrigeration trucks can include special capabilities such as temperature monitoring, which is incredibly useful for detecting a refrigeration failure straight away.

MONITORING REFRIGERATOR AND COMPARTMENT DOOR STATUS: Temperature monitoring can be linked with the refrigerator's status and the position of the compartment door. If the refrigerator is left on at a delivery site with the door open, the blower will force cold air out while warm air is sucked in from the outside.This situation not only causes the refrigeration unit to work much harder, product safety may be jeopardized. Managers alerted to this situation can handle it remotely by alerting the driver immediately to the situation.

MILEAGE INFORMATION: This is automatically recorded by our telematics device in order to record a detailed mileage log. In our platform, you can generate reports based on mileage per selected period. The mileage dashboard shows you mileage information per driver, vehicle or fleet at a glance.

ROUTE/DETOUR PLANNING: When dealing with long-distance cargo delivery routes, it isn’t always possible to anticipate every instance of road construction, traffic accidents, and other random events that can cause traffic to come to a grinding halt. GPS tracking for fleet vehicles can make it easier to change a truck’s path once it encounters heavy traffic, allowing you to reroute the vehicle along roads that are less congested so that delays are minimized. This helps keep trucks on-schedule for deliveries of highly perishable goods, maximizing their saleable shelf life.

MAINTENANCE REMINDERS: Utrack offers a very reliable maintenance reminder platform that can be used to track maintenance events for any and all kinds of vehicles. This feature can be set up to automatically remind you on all individual maintenance events for your entire fleet, regardless of their particular make, model, and size.

However, even instances such as a vehicle registration can be something you need to be reminded on in order to maintain a vehicle’s ability to legally operate on the road. These events are important to daily operations of any sized fleet, and cannot be ignored by any means.

TEMPERATURE ALERTS & MONITORING: Real-time temperature value is shown in a unit tooltip. Our easy to use Temperature alert controls allow you to get notification for the temperature change. The device also monitors runtime so you can use our maintenance module to schedule service by days or hours. We don’t delete data, so if you need historic temperature information, we have it.

GEOFENCING BY CORRIDOR (ROUTE BOUNDARIES): Geofencing lets fleet managers define boundaries along a path and get alerts when trucks leave the defined area. Delays in shipment can be disastrous for perishable products. When drivers go off-route without cause, it can easily lead to them getting lost on back roads and getting delayed.

Geofencing by corridor is a fleet tracking feature that allows companies to set a defined boundary along a path in which their vehicles operate. If a vehicle leaves that area, an alert is immediately generated and sent via e-mail or text message. This feature is often used to keep drivers on-task.

i) Timely Arrival and Departure from Work Sites: Geofencing takes the place of time cards, as fleet managers are alerted when drivers arrive at a job site and begin work. With refrigerated cargo, timing is everything.

ii) Keeping Drivers on Task: Geofence stipulate a course for drivers that they can visit during working hours. Any deviations, from the fenced area, prompt an alert to the fleet manager detailing the distance traveled and length of time spent outside the allowed perimeter.

FUEL MONITORING: Our Utrack tracking system you will get a precise data on time and location of a refrigerator turning on/off throughout the trip. This information allows to check, for instance, whether a driver shut down the refrigerator for fuel saving. Fuel management system is based on data available from onboard computer or after-market fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a truck. Data transferred to tracking system allows to detect fuel thefts or unreasonably large fuel burn, thus helping to find ways to save it.


Temperature Monitoring: Refrigerated trucks are typically set at a desired temperature, but there are several factors that can adversely impact the temperature. GPS tracking systems, linked with temperature monitoring systems, allow the dispatcher to remotely monitor the state of the refrigerated unit at all times, from the instant the driver sets the unit up all the way to delivery.
Temperature data provides detailed, minute-by-minute information about the reefer’s temperature, and since it is tied to the GPS fleet tracking system, managers can detail when temperature changes occurred, and where they happened.

Resolving Problems Before They Become Critical: GPS fleet management alerts automatically notify fleet managers of potential problems in real-time, from engine issues to driver performance. In the case of fleet managers of reefer trucks, GPS alerts can, quite literally, save the cargo.

Custom alerts can be set for:

  • ☑ Temperature fluctuations that fall out of a pre-specified range
  • ☑ Power disconnection
  • ☑ Status of reefer temperature controller
  • ☑ Reefer container doors being opened at unauthorized location
  • ☑ Unscheduled stops
  • ☑ Route deviations

Alerts allow fleet managers to act on a potentially drastic situation before it can have major impacts on the product. Immediately after an alert is triggered, managers can reach out to drivers to correct the situation.

Increased Efficiency: Along with temperature sensitivity, many perishables have a limited shelf life. For this reason, efficient routing and the avoidance of traffic delay areas are of an even greater priority for refrigerated trucks than for other trucking operations.
GPS fleet tracking systems provide features that help reefers get to their destinations efficiently. The advantages include:

Route Optimization: GPS tracking technology allows routes to be planned most efficiently by including real-time data of changing road conditions and weather patterns.

Dispatchers and drivers of refrigerated trucks can see the location of school zones, traffic congestion, and road construction. This allows them to adjust their routes accordingly.

Improved Driver Performance: Better driving habits result in greater safety, productivity, and profitability. GPS fleet tracking systems allow fleet managers to monitor a variety of driver activities, coach those who need it, and reward those who exhibit exemplary driving behavior. Tracking driver performance gives transparency to:

☑ Excessive idling  ☑ Route deviations  ☑ Unauthorized use  ☑  Aggressive driving habits  ☑ Driving practices that increase fuel consumption

Driver productivity can be enhanced using GPS fleet tracking systems by pinpointing start and stop times and making sure that drivers are staying on schedule. Late-arriving behavior or extended breaks can be easily detected and dealt with.

Improved Earnings and Reduced Costs: Reduced costs are one of the major indirect benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems. Efficient routing saves on fuel, labor costs, and wear and tear on the vehicle. Optimizing routes results in fewer miles driven which also permits more jobs to be taken on and completed during a day without increasing labor or overhead. GPS tracking systems also allow refrigerated trucks to lessen certain costs associated with maintaining temperature control.

All in all, temperature sensor combination brings you real-time visibility and control of your cold chain, ensuring that cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range and alerting if any sudden changes occur. This results in minimizing temperature-related load rejections, reducing costly spoilage claims and cut redelivery costs. In other words, good for cargo, good for you.


  • ☑ Trip Reply
  • ☑ Speeding Alerts
  • ☑ Harsh Driving Detection
  • ☑ Excessive Idling
  • ☑ Immobilizer/Gradual Stop
  • ☑ Control Room Support
  • ☑ Access Customer care Support Team
  • ☑ Main Power Low/ Disconnect/Connected Alert


This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.

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