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Child safety is a top priority for any concerned parent. We understand that parents need to know that their children are safe while in transit to and from their respective schools. This is why we customized an all-round solution for School Buses. It makes total sense to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in school buses to ensure the safety of students because that’s when you add value to your educational services. Having the ability to track your school buses at any given moment means that you also have the ability to locate your driver and students more quickly.


Vehicle Video Surveillance System

Utrack Africa is a leading telematics company providing solutions for fleet management and GPS tracking. In addition to the video surveillance function, Utrack's mobile DVR integrates with all functions of a GPS tracker, especially live tracking, and allows users to define the device's working time. The mobile DVR supports up to 2 TB storage capacity. Inside each school bus, a mobile DVR is connected to four cameras for live video surveillance, and videos can be stored for one month (six hours per day). The cameras can even operate in a more than 80°C ambient temperature and features the IP67 water resistance rating. The mobile DVR is connected to three RFID readers to record the attendance of drivers and students and control the vehicle engine.
☑ The first RFID reader is used for drivers to swipe their cards and start the vehicle engine, so that administrators can know when and where drivers start or stop the school bus.
☑ The second RFID reader is used for students to swipe their cards after they get on a school bus, so that administrators can know when and where students go inside the school bus.
☑ The third RFID reader is used for students to swipe their cards before they get off a school bus, so that administrators can know when and where students leave the school bus.

The mobile DVR is connected to a LCD display, so that drivers can easily obtain the number of students in real time. On the LCD display, the number of students and RFID card numbers will be showed in real time. The LCD display shows the status of four cameras. With the LCD display, drivers can view live videos anytime, confirm whether students get on or get off the school bus, get real-time information about everything going on inside or around the school bus, and quickly check the number of students inside the school bus.

To prevent driver fatigue and ensure the safety of students, the mobile DVR is connected to Utrack’s driver fatigue monitoring system which is used to detect drivers' fatigue state. When drowsiness, distraction, driver absence, smoking, calling, or yawning is detected, an audible alert will be sent, a photo will be taken, and drivers' seat will vibrate to tell the danger as fast as possible so that drivers could avoid it.
The mobile DVR supports motion detection, which is used to confirm whether all students get off a school bus. When cameras detect image changes as a result of movement inside the school bus, it means there are still students who do not leave the school bus. This information will be reported to the platform through the mobile DVR and notified of the school, which will help prevent accidents.

In the whole project, three types of platform accounts are available:

Account of the Ministry of Education: Grant the highest level user permission to the Ministry of Education

Account of schools: Grant the second level user permission to schools

Account of parents: Grant parents the user permission to monitor the school bus status, but they don’t have the management permission

Utrack platform allows administrators to assign three levels of user permissions to the three types of users.

On the web platform, the Ministry of Education and schools are allowed to view attendance reports of drivers and students, manage driver and student information, and get real-time information about everything going on inside or around the school bus.The web platform provides driver fatigue reports and supports route planning. With the two functions, administrators can effectively manage driving behaviors.

With the app platform, parents can pinpoint the exact location of the school bus in real time, and estimate the arrival time based on received Enter and Exit Geo-fence alerts. When their children swipe cards, an app notification will be sent to mobile phone numbers of parents. This gives parents peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

Real time location of school buses. Access information through a user-friendly interface on your smart phone or tablet.

Real Time Alerts
Keep parents directed informed and notified easily of delays, whilst allowing school’s to manage and control emergency situations efficiently. Allow a driver to privately notify school administrator of emergency events directly through customised push notifications. Example of these alerts include but not limited to Speeding, Geo-fencing Entry/Exit, Tamper, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Breaking, Severe Turn, Idling Alert.

POI (Geofence)
Transparency in school pick-up and drop-off (Arrivals and Departure) between the school and parents.

In-house Assistance
Full maintenance support including product updates. 24/7 control centre.

Route Management
Manage operations more efficiently and fuel savings by planning routes to save operational costs.

Speed Alerts
Worry no more about keeping a tab on errant drivers, get instant email or on-screen alerts when the School Bus over speeds with location and speed details along with graphical visuals.

Bus Monitoring Maintenance
School Bus Tracker notify managers when scheduled maintenance is needed, which minimizes downtime and costly breakdowns,when busses do need maintenance, bus fleet managers will be able to accurately schedule replacement buses.

Safe Stop Analytics
Administrators and transportation staff get access to key data and analytics that can identify under used bus stops, monitor on time performance, Driver Behaviour and additional vehicle information that can create a safer, more reliable, and cost-efficient school transportation system.
A Truly Secure Platform
We ensure the quality and security of any data we collect, and we will never sell, distribute or otherwise share any of the private passenger or vehicle information gathered by Utrack Africa’s School Bus Tracker System.

Use the engine Immobilizer feature if your Bus is even stolen or driven by unauthorized or unauthorized trips or in unsafe manner for the well being of the children on board.

The car engine will gradually shut off with seconds of you sending the command. Easiy recover your vehicle with this Utrack Africa’s Bus Tracker that has both our engine immobilizer feature and GPS Tracking feature.

Driver Behavior Analysis
Get automated reports about the driver behavior and he will be rated accordingly based on keeping time, speed violations and driving habits.

Improve Ecological Accountability
With Utrack Africa’s Bus Tracker, routes can be better optimized and engine idling can be minimized. both of these things reduce the impact buses have on the enviroment by lowering the amount of emmissions they put out into the atmosphere.

On Board Camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
DVR recorders allow a live view in the school bus to be viewd in real time. A unique feature is the functionality of our alert system.

When an alert is sent (e.g panic button alert), live stream of the video camera is pushed in real time to your tablet/online platform. This allows for quick identification of the problem.

Panic Button
By intergrating panic buttons with The School Bus Tracker, it is possible to receive an immediate email or on-screen alert warning that a device has been activated.

This real time alarm allows appropriate action to be undertaken by the school management to ensure the safety of your mobile students/employees.


Wialon Web: 
Wialon software is a cloud-based, SaaS and server-based multifunctional fleet management platform that can also be used for mobile & stationary assets tracking.

The software system supports various cartographic services that are used in monitoring including Open Street Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, and more.

Wialon App:
The wialon app is for both iOS and Android. It allows you to manage monitoring of unit lists, provide immediate insight into activity of assets in a real-time mode. Handy navigation and user-friendly interface make it easy to access multiple functions of Wialon Mobile.

This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.

Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Us?


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.


We provide quality and reliable GPS hardware and software that is still affordable for the common person.

24/7 Operations

We offer 24/7 customer care and support services to our esteemed clients to ensure they enjoy our services.

Control & Monitoring Center

Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.

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    Utrack Africa is proud to take 4th place in the Wialon Top 10 Africa 2023 partner rankings after achieving remarkable results and connecting an impressive number of units to Wialon in the African region.

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