Learn more about this solution that combines Satellite and GSM technologies to track your assets by downloading the official brochure.

The SAT & GSM solution is a Hybrid Tracking system that functions as a continuous remote Management device of fixed and mobile assets anywhere across the world. The tracking unit communicates with its server via the GSM/GPRS network or using a satellite modem (Iridium satellite) when the GSM/GPRS network is unavailable. Once an asset (e.g. boat, vessel, vehicle, machine etc.) is equipped with Utrack Hybrid tracking unit, users can monitor and manage the asset using location and data provided by the satellite modem integrated module covering all terrestrial and aquatic areas (e.g. oceans, lakes, remote mining sites & Construction sites) of the world. The solution is designed to address many of the operational challenges, prevalent amongst the commercial fleets. There include basic activity monitoring, reduction of operating costs, and enhancing the management of supply chain.

System Architecture


Key Features

Real-time Satellite Hybrid Communications
A Hybrid and GSM communication platform provides data communication redundancy in remote areas ensuring ‘Always available’ communication. Using Utrack’s least cost routing engine, the operator can maintain cost efficiency by limiting the satellite communications instances to high priority events in areas with no GSM coverage.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
Using its onboard Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver the AVL provides accurate location information. Additional information includes trip data, driver identification, input status, output control, speeding and odometer.

Zone Management (Geo-fence)
Monitoring entry and exit from user defined geographical areas (referred to as geofences). The downloaded Geofences can be categorized (i.e. customers, fuel depots, mining areas, offloading points etc.).

Accident Detection & Reconstruction
Accurate accident reconstruction with patented algorithms, accident notification and comprehensive reconstruction modules estimate vehicle impact zone and angle of impact.

Driver Management
Active monitoring of abusive driver behavior, monitored parameters include excessive idle, harsh braking, excessive acceleration, speeding, over-revving and freewheeling. The analyzed information provides the operator with valuable tool to minimize fuel and maintenance costs while maximizing safety.

In-Vehicle Network
Provision of in-vehicle network data including fault codes, and odometer (data sources may vary between various makes and models).

Custom Beeper Flags
Alert drivers of various vehicle statuses (e.g. seatbelt not fasten while driving.)*

Trigger Engine
Fully customizable user – defines operation sequence and action trigger system allows the automation of actions based on vehicle status variables (e.g ‘Set warning light when speed above 20km/h and seatbelt not fastened or “Change speed limit or lock doors upon POI entry).
Pattern Recognition Engine
Patented auto – calibration of 3-axis digital accelerometer for driver behavior and accident detection, capable of 400Hz data for accident reconstruction.

Engine Hours Monitoring

Odometer substitute in earth moving equipped and generators.

Speed Monitoring
Maintaining an Optimum Speed by the Driver is very crucial so as to ensure the safety of the driver, vehicle and also fuel economy. User will be alerted if a certain speed is reached, or be alerted if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit by a specified amount.

Vehicle Battery Monitoring
Monitor and report vehicle battery health statistics.

BLE - Bluetooth 4.0 LE
Monitor and report various BLE sensors including driver ID, Door sensors and driver biofeedback (e.g. heart rate).*

Health Metrics Reporting
Daily reports of unit performance and diagnostics status.

Power Modes
The unit has the ability to intelligently switch between various power modes subject to its detected ignition status. The device can reduce its power consumption to levels well below industry standards, allowing a vehicle to be utilized for weeks, while not excessively draining the vehicle battery.

Temperature Monitoring
Temperature monitoring of refrigeration compartments.*

Garmin Fleet Compatible
Garmin Fleet Integration with messaging to UTRACK Web Application.*

Optional Features (Accessories)
These include Driver Management Kit, Hands Free Kit, Seat Belt Monitoring, Door Sensor


☑ Full vision of your asset 24/7 regardless of GSM coverage
☑ Improve operating efficiencies, distribution management and vehicle maintenance
☑ Enhance Fleet safety and security
☑ Reduce Equipments/machines inventories
☑ Quicker Response to Emergency/Recovery/Rescue because of GPS Location Accuracy
☑ Identify Misuse and cost control
☑ Better Route Planning
☑ Maximize Utilization and Efficiency
☑ Lower communication costs compared to using only satellite transmission
☑ Enhance Safety through Better Driver Behavior


MZone Fleet - the next generation of Scope Technology's series of Fleet based applications. MZone Fleet boasts an easy to use mobile User Interface for fleet managers on the move.

MZone Web
MZone web is a web-based platform that is able to provide real-time trip data with visibility of all exceptions generated for the trip, with fuel consumption statistics. When viewing a fleet group, reports allows easy ratings of drivers and vehicles for better resource allocation.

MZone Fleet Manager
Our MZone Fleet mobile application summarizes key fleet statistics in a single view where users can drill down to vehicle details with a single touch and setup profiles to monitor utilization, setup geofence rules, action alerts and notifications to name a few.

Our interactive map display allows the plotting of all data generated from our MHub telematics devices that includes trips, alerts, POI data and driver behavior data.

Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Us?


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.


We provide quality and reliable GPS hardware and software that is still affordable for the common person.

24/7 Operations

We offer 24/7 customer care and support services to our esteemed clients to ensure they enjoy our services.

Control & Monitoring Center

Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.

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    Utrack Africa is proud to take 4th place in the Wialon Top 10 Africa 2023 partner rankings after achieving remarkable results and connecting an impressive number of units to Wialon in the African region.

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