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This is the most sophisticated unit for tracking containers in real time for security and management. The Container Tracking CT-1 integrates a GPS receiver, a cellular network modem (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and a built-in accelerometer. The system gives you a full control of all possible events and situations with its automatic remote operation, system stability, and continuity. The CT-1 was tested and received approvals from the leading labs around the world. They include:

☑ eMark (E24 10R-020086)
☑ FCC Part 15
☑ UL 60950
☑ CB Certification
☑ CE certification
☑ Vibration and Shock Tests (done in a military lab).

Key Features

☑ Reat-time location updates
☑ Route creation and monitoring with deviation alerts
☑ Lock status monitoring
☑ Unauthorized movement notification
☑ Points of Interest (POI)/ Geo-fencing - border, towns, rest points.
☑ Battery level monitoring
☑ Clear detailed maps
☑ Trip summary (Snail Trail)
☑ Alerting via email, on-screen and SMS options
☑ Wide range of customizable reports
☑ Long lasting battery
☑ Rugged secure design with reinforced mechanical bracket
☑ Plug and Play devices - no installation required
☑ Compliant to TRA requirements for monitoring of Transit goods (ECTS)


You're in control of a wide range of situations
The system can connect wirelessly to external sensors and several sensors can operate simultaneously giving you the ability to protect your container remotely. For example, you can know exactly when a container has reached the customer's area; and you can be aware of every movement of the container.

You'll be notified if there's damage or a blow to the container and you'll be alerted if the container is broken into - even if the break-in bypasses the door. You can pinpoint the container's location even when it is aboard a ship on the high seas and even where there is no GSM network signal. Moreover, if ever your container falls overboard (never, we hope), you can be alerted immediately.

For a refrigerated container, you can receive an alert when power is connected or disconnected, and when the temperature rises or falls. You can also log the history of temperature readings throughout the voyage.

You enjoy the convenience of the system
Due to base facilities located in over 50 countries around the world, contain the maps of over 70 countries, and can operate in over 25 languages, enabling both you and your customers to pinpoint your merchandise precisely on its way to delivery.

You have an edge in terms of the service
Provided to your customer - since in case of an unexpected change of plans you can organize the appropriate response. For example, since you know exactly when the container left port, you can get prepared administratively in real time.

You are confident
That in any unexpected situation, the system will function automatically. For example, if the container's door opens in an authorized area, you are automatically alerted on your cell phone.

You receive continuous performance
With less need for maintenance, thanks to the ability to monitor the container for a lengthy period without a battery recharge.

You enjoy the user-friendliness of the system
With only a few simple operations you can define the reports, alerts and their destinations. For example, you could specify a monthly report to be e mailed from each port on the container route, and an immediate SMS to be sent to your personal cell phone if the container starts traveling in an excessive speed over land.

You have the advantage of high quality
In a system that complies with the automotive industry's demanding standards.

Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Us?


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.


We provide quality and reliable GPS hardware and software that is still affordable for the common person.

24/7 Operations

We offer 24/7 customer care and support services to our esteemed clients to ensure they enjoy our services.

Control & Monitoring Center

Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.

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