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If you are in the courier business, security, food delivery, sales, service and support, transport, field activities, errand running etc then you know that most people buy motorcycles to take advantage of their size and low fuel consumption so as to maximize efficiency i.e.

☑ To get through the heavy traffic quickly
☑ Fast movement of personnel
☑ Fast and efficient transportation for clients (Bajaj/ Boda Boda)
☑ Fast deliveries of parcels and documents

However if you do not have a reliable system to monitor and know where the bikes are at all times, then you will not have maximum advantage of owning the bikes. The Bike Tracker is the perfect solution to monitor your motorcycles at all times. It is designed for the motorcycle owner to Fleet Manager with a serious need to control the use of his asset and also offers reassurance that in the event of theft, the motorcycle/Bajaj will be quickly recovered due to the GPS location accuracy.

Key Features

Real Time Tracking
Our end-to-end GPS tracking software gives you the opportunity to keep tabs on your vehicles and fleet anytime anywhere. You also have the advantage of group monitoring with detail data at once. With the availability of instant notifications, you will know all the whereabouts of fleet bikes/bajajs seamlessly. 7*24 hours real-time web-based tracking platform, locate the tracker on map automatically.

Ability to stop the bike/bajaj remotely in the event of an emergency or theft.

Allow creation of user defined regions on the map called Geo Fences which can then be defined as authorised or an authorised areas. Alerts will be generated and sent to the owner or fleet manager in real time warning him/her whenever the rider enters or exits the zones.

Trip Replay
Recreate the bike/bajaja movement on the detailed maps to display exactly where the bike/bajaj has travelled and the route taken.

SOS/Emergency Button
Enables the rider to notify the bike/bajaj owner or manager of an emergency or need of assistance. Enhanced safety of the rider and security of the Motorcycle.

A violation of any user defined settings in the system will generate an alarm/notification that is sent to the owner or responsible manager warning him abaout the breach as it happens in real time. The alarms include speeding, harsh breaking/acceleration, harsh riding, geofence exit/entry, night riding etc.

Towing Detection
GPS Based detection of movement provides real time alerts when the Bike Tracker defines exact locations.
Trip Start/Stop
Identity all authorised stops and breaks made during the trips.

Control Work Hours

This feature enables the bike owner/manager to identify number of hours the asset has been running helping them to establish when the rider starts work and how many hours he has been at work.

Detailed Maps
User has a choice of viewing bike/bajaj on Google or Digital Maps with clear detail.

Speed Monitoring
Provides insight to speed attained during trips. This helps to identify reckless riders and eventually reduce cases of accidents.

Flexible & Detailed Report
Generate complete system reports showing all al the movement the bike/bajaj makes. The user has a wide range of reports to choose from and he can narrow them down per rider or per bike/bajaj. The reports are always complete due to the memory feature.

Back-up Battery
This ensures continous visiblity since the tracking unit continues transmitting even if the bike/bajaj main battery/power supply is disconnected.

Inbuilt Memory
Stores data collected when the bike/bajaj is in an area without GSM/GPRS coverage. When back in GSM coverage zone, the unit downloads all data collected in memory to the server so as reports generatd are completete showing everywhere the bike/bajaj travelled.

Minimal Power Consumption
Ensures bike/bajaj battery does not get drained since the unit consumes very little amount of power.


Operational Benefits
☑ Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
☑ Increase operational uptime
☑ Maintain uptime of mission critical equipment

Cost Reduction
☑ Operational Expenses (OPEX)
☑ Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance
☑ Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
☑ Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote events
☑ Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
☑ Reduce fuel consumption
☑ Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
☑ Assist in stolen vehicle recovery
☑ Assist drivers in stress

Capital Expenses (CAPEX)
☑ Monitor, manage and maintain equipment to increase its life cycle.


ZON MAX: This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.

MZone Fleet - the next generation of Scope Technology's series of Fleet based applications. MZone Fleet boasts an easy to use mobile User Interface for fleet managers on the move.

Mzone Web:
MZone web is a web-based platform that is able to provide real-time trip data with visibility of all exceptions generated for the trip, with fuel consumption statistics. When viewing a fleet group, reports allows easy ratings of drivers and vehicles for better resource allocation.

Mzone Fleet Manager:
 Our MZone Fleet mobile application summarizes key fleet statistics in a single view where users can drill down to vehicle details with a single touch and setup profiles to monitor utilization, setup geofence rules, action alerts and notifications to name a few. Our interactive map display allows the plotting of all data generated from our MHub telematics devices that includes trips, alerts, POI data and driver behavior data.

Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Us?


We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.


We provide quality and reliable GPS hardware and software that is still affordable for the common person.

24/7 Operations

We offer 24/7 customer care and support services to our esteemed clients to ensure they enjoy our services.

Control & Monitoring Center

Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.

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