In today’s competitive market, businesses strive each day to outgrow their peers. Expanding market base is no longer a luxury or achievement but a necessity to survive & outpace competitors. While running operations on a large scale across various geographical regions, Transportation forms a lifeline for the businesses.

Transportation comes with its own benefits as well as issues. Fleet managers are buried under numerous daunting tasks from managing the fleet, to tracking its location and recording its maintenance & other expenses. With endless management issues and obstacles in the path, another grave issue prevailing in fleet management is of Harsh Driving. 

Fleet managers are often concerned with Harsh Driving as it adversely affects the safety, credibility and reputation of fleet business. Driving is a ‘New Day, New Game’ thing where in spite of one’s exceptional past record, a single mishap, however small or big, can ruin the reputation of the whole organization. Drivers practicing over speeding, aggressive braking and other such undesirable driving behaviors put the safety of assets & people’s lives in jeopardy. Also the risk of accidents leading to loss of assets or lives increases each day due to changing routes. 

The major consequences of Harsh Driving are listed below:

Increased Vehicle Maintenance costs
Over speeding can call upon more immediate & harsh braking which causes repair & maintenance of vehicles, more often. Also if the vehicle is driven on higher speeds, chances of severe damage to brakes and other vital spare parts of the vehicle are also high. 

Damage to goods/assets
Harsh driving can cause accidents, resulting into damage or loss of goods and/or assets. Damage or loss of goods and assets is not only a loss but can prove to be a setback for any business.

Reputation at stake
Harsh driving, more often than not, results into some or other damage. The damage caused can be sufficient to put into question organization’s credibility. Once a fleet business has a negative remark, it can tarnish the brand’s image. A small mishap & one’s credibility could be lost forever.

Safety of Drivers and Vehicles
One of the prime concerns of a fleet manager is always the safety and security of its drivers and vehicles. Harsh driving can cause accidents & mishaps leading to injury or loss of life.
These consequences of Harsh driving can well be avoided with following solutions. Let us see the solutions over the Harsh driving.:

1. GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Driver Monitoring
(a) GPS tracking system helps fleet managers to track & monitor the driving behavior
(b) By monitoring the vehicle’s speeding, braking, and acceleration, one can reduce the chances for accidents & improvise the undesirable driving behavior
(c) By correcting the undesirable driving behavior & driving vehicles slowly & steadily, one can reduce the wear and tear of the vehicle, which lessens the requirement of repairs and maintenance. Also this driving can produce better mileage thus enhancing productivity and thereby extending the vehicle's life.
(d) Also the need to constantly communicate with driver is eliminated & the risk of accidents due to negligence of driver can well be avoided.
(e) Fleet managers can also avoid unnecessary fines for speeding, and lower the further insurance premiums.
(f) Also, one can certainly obtain a discount on Insurance premium for installing a GPS vehicle tracking system in fleet vehicles.
2. Safety Rules and Regulations
(a) Fleet managers can keep Harsh Driving out of the way by having drivers comply with the safety rules and regulations.
(b) Furthermore, it ensures the fleet safety, safeguards the credibility and reputation of your fleet business, which enables you to maintain a positive image among the public.
3. Awareness Programs
(a) Fleet managers can counsel the drivers on the negative impacts of harsh driving through awareness programs. Eventually the drivers become aware & conscious about the impact of harsh driving and how it affects the fleet efficiency and safety.

Harsh driving is definitely an undesirable behavior as it not only increases expenses & harnesses the productivity but also endangers fleet’s security. With the advent of GPS tracking devices like Utrack, one can monitor drivers constantly, provide warning, guide & alter the driver’s undesired behavior, eventually benefiting the fleet in many ways.

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