Aren’t you as parent worried for your child’s safety when they leave for their school? As children take school bus or private shared cab, their safety becomes the prime concern for every parent. Even in their busy work schedules, parents are worried until their child return home safely from school. It is impossible to call up school every day to know the status of their students and at the same time, it is difficult for schools to manage school buses or school transportation. The management does have a tough time managing a fleet of school buses/ cabs while taking care of student’s security simultaneously.

Let us see how GPS tracking system can help schools & institutions in managing vehicle fleets as well as securing students.

Live Tracking: - GPS tracking systems provide live tracking of every vehicle that has the device installed, simultaneously. This can help school authorities, fleet managers as well as parents to locate the exact location of the school bus carrying students.

Geofencing: - The geo-fencing feature alerts & notifies the users when a vehicle enters or leaves virtually set premises by the users. This fence can be set up in school and all the stakeholders can be notified about the school bus having had entered the school area, thus giving peace of mind to parents as well.

Route Optimization: - Taking into consideration all the stops, the GPS tracking system helps in taking the shortest or the most optimized route for vehicles to save time and follow timeline consistently. This helps parents as well as schools to avoid confusion and follow a smooth process for transporting students to and from from school.

Trip History & Route Allocation: - The trip history feature of GPS tracking system allows admins to monitor an entire trip even after its completion. This allows them to allocate optimized route and pre-define it for drivers to avoid confusion for parents as well as school authorities.

Asses Driver behavior: - The admins receive notifications like over speed, harsh braking, stay etc. that helps admins assess driver’s behavior and can take business decisions accordingly. A report, too, is generated at the end of the journey as to how many stops, harsh braking, over speeding occurred during the journey.

Alerts: - With a GPS tracking system, parents receive notification for the departure of their child from school as well arrival at school. Parents also receive alerts when the bus/vehicle’s location is at one stop prior to theirs.

Automated Report Generation: - The system generates automated reports like Mileage Report, advanced Geo-fence reports, moving overview, stay report, etc. that can be analyzed for improving daily operations of the fleet. Schools can also analyze their vehicles and its productivity & take further business decisions.

Vehicle Grouping & Access Management: - For smooth functioning of school vehicles & better operations, school admins can divide the operations by grouping vehicles and allotting groups to different sub-admins. GPS tracking system provides access to multiple user/admins for better functioning. Multiple sub-admins can be assigned with functions divided, like, particular areas or a number of vehicles, etc.

Data maintenance & Reminders:- The GPS tracking system saves driver’s data as well as vehicle maintenance data and reminds for their particular updates. Admins can thus check that vehicles are properly & timely serviced to avoid any breakdowns or mishaps during their daily operations.

Identify unauthorized usage of vehicles: - The system alerts & notifies school authorities/admins each time the engine switch is turned ON/OFF. The admins are alerted for any unpermitted use of vehicles and actions can be taken immediately. Thus, the safety of assets & students can be ensured.

Mobile App Notifications, SMS & Email: - The system can be accessed by parents, school authorities through mobile devices and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, giving ease of operations. The stakeholders receive notification & alerts through SMS & Email so that no alerts are missed.

The GPS tracking system, with its multi-faceted features, can help schools manage their fleets & run their operations smoothly. While parents too can be alerted on important events of the bus journey and thus, they can have a peace of mind with regarding their child’s safety & security.

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