Fast & secure way to manage & track your bus with UTRACK’s GPS TRACKER.

Transportation is the lifeline of any country, whether for commercial or personal purpose. LATRA VTS is determined to make bus transportation an efficient and reliable channel. Our tracking system makes management and administration of buses a far more simple and optimized process. With detailed speeding reports and driver behavior monitoring, operations of buses can become streamlined. Moreover, the security of the passengers will be absolutely ensured with the help of Utrack’s GPS devices and tracking system.

Running a business becomes a successful endeavor when transparency and profitability increases. And Utrack is aimed at assisting you with that. We offer the best GPS tracking devices to you, so that you can worry less about your profit margins, and focus more on running a systematized bus fleet. Our GPS devices come at the best price in the market, accompanied by reliable services. Be assured that investing in a bus location tracker for your fleet will yield great returns!

Technology has made visibility available for everyone in today’s time. So when it comes to tracking your bus fleet, you must go the technical route and get Utrack’s GPS tracking devices. Our devices and system ensures that you get absolute transparency about the movement and location of your fleet of buses. We provide you with the best solution to help you stay updated, anytime, anywhere.


If you have ever wondered about how to track a bus using GPS, we can help you with that. Our GPS tracking device for buses utilizes GPS to gather the exact location coordinates of the buses, wherever they may be on the road. Telematics is then engaged to transmit position, as well as other vehicular metrics, to a server, from where the data is relayed on our dashboard visible to the user. These diagnostic reports include details on idling, harsh braking, over speeding, maintenance alerts, engine health, ignition control, and much more. Apart from being privy to exact information pertaining to your bus fleet, you also get to monitor and regulate the people handling the fleet, namely the drivers. Data transmission is encrypted, hence the network channel is deemed highly secure.


When buses ferry around citizens on the roads, there are certain aspects that the fleet owners, and the passengers, are most concerned about. In lieu of that, Utrack’s GPS devices and system ensures that all worries of the fleet owners and the people on board are taken care of. Passengers look for a safe and efficient transport experience, while fleet owners are concerned about optimizing their business costs. Utrack caters to both the stakeholders involved, by taking care of expenses incurred by the business owners, and keeping safety of passengers a priority.


1. Tracking Unit

  1. 2. Two Panic/ Emergency Button
  2. pannic button

3. Stepdown


  1. 4. Driver ID Socket + Two Key Tags


5. Buzzer


6. Immobilizer



1. Purchase Option which includes purchasing our unit/device, monthly subscription and 1 year contract (12 months)

2. Rental option which includes rental of our unit/device, monthly subscription and 2 years contract (24 months)

3.  Hire Option which includes three options;

  • ☑ Daily
  • ☑ Weekly
  • ☑ Monthly


  • ☑ Experience - more than 15 years in Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking
  • ☑ Affordable and best GPS devices
  • ☑ Low monthly subscription fee
  • ☑ Real-time vehicle operation alerts
  • ☑ Dedicated After Sales Services and Support
  • ☑ Well trained personnel
  • ☑ Technicians all over Tanzania
  • ☑ 24 hours access to Customer Care Department
  • ☑ 24 hours Control and Monitoring Centre


  • ☑ Immediate Compliance to LATRA VTS requirements
  • ☑ Reliability based on tested and proven solutions
  • ☑ Real-time Alerts & Updates
  • ☑ Profitable operations
  • ☑ Enhanced compatibility