Yapi Merkezi, a highly recognized construction company, has been looking for a solution to track their fleet in real-time and also monitor their fleet's fuel usage with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. After thorough and intense testing, the company decided to partner with Utrack Africa on this project. 

We proposed that they install and utilize our Fuel Pro Plus solution which is our Fuel Management System that allows fleet owners/managers to efficiently and effectively manage their fleet's fuel usage. Since then, our technicians have been working diligently to ensure that the system is properly installed and calibrated so as to give the Yapi Merkezi team accurate information about their vehicle's/ fleet's locations and fuel usage.

With our fuel monitoring system installed, calibrated and 24-hour monitoring set up, Yapi Merkezi will be able to avoid unnecessary fuel losses through:


☑ Fuel drain (fuel fraud/theft); siphoning of fuel from the fuel tank or leakage of fuel from a faulty tank

☑ Partial fueling (fuel fraud/theft); whereby only part of the fuel ends up in the intended fuel tank while the rest goes to other miscellaneous uses.

☑ Use of the fuel for other purposes other than the intended business purposes; Trip fraud.

☑ Careless driving, use of unauthorized routes and ignoring traffic parameters.

☑ Leaving the vehicle in idle mode for longer periods of time than necessary.


You can learn more about our Fuel Pro Plus solution here: https://www.utrackafrica.com/solutions/fleet-fuel-management/fuel-pro-plus


Below, our qualified technicians busy installing fuel probes and calibrating the Fuel Management System on Yapi Merkezi's trucks:

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