As Galooli continues to innovate and strive to improve users’ experiences in our technology, we are pleased to announce that webZON is receiving a NEW UPDATE. The new update rolls out; webZON’s configurable feature, upgraded search engine, and improvements to the overall user experience!

So, what's NEW in the update?



Configurability of Assets




With a simple click, you can now add driver and edit details of assets (such as vehicles and geo-fences) on the webZON. The configurability feature is Galooli’s first step in the roadmap to equipping all users with control features to manage their assets on ANY platform. Together with the ZON Control, we equip you with acomprehensive solution for your needs!



Advanced Search Function


To ease our users in searching for their assets, our search bar is now augmented with a powerful search algorithm which fetches all items related to your search term. Be it a unit, driver or a geo-fence, spot it at a single glance!



Lane Departure Events


The ‘Lane Departure’ warning featured with the use of Mobileye is now integrated in myALERT! The alert tracks dangerous driving behaviours such as the failure to signal before lane switch and illegal lane switches.



Other Improved Features

Notification Sounds



To warn users of event alerts, the new webZON is equipped with notification tones which sounds whenever an alert is triggered. Never miss out on an alert again!

Improved Language Translations


In our commitment to attune webZON to our international user base, the new update bringsrefinements to language translations, which will improve your productivity in using the platform.