Incidents of motorbikes being stolen in Dar es Salaam have been on a constant rise. The culprits have been known to steal the motorbikes while parked, move them to an isolated area then proceed to either strip the motorbikes off their valuable parts or sell them off to willing buyers.

On Friday, 24th September, 2015, one of our staff members parked his motorbike outside Msikiti wa Kimanga, Tabata, Dar es Salaam as he went in for prayers. After the prayers, he came out of the Mosque to find the motorbike missing!

The matter was immediately reported to the police and the Utrack Africa Control Room where a track and trace process was initiated. The Control Room team managed to track the motorbike to within Kanisa Katoliki, Kigango cha Tabata, Kimanga area before the tracker went offline because the suspect had removed the tracking unit.

After receiving this information, the police officers immediately swung into action and were able to successfully recover the motorbike. The suspect, it seems, was in the process of changing the ignition as a new ignition was found at the scene with the motorbike partially taken apart.




The motorbike was recovered due to the reliability of the tracking system provided by Utrack Africa Limited and the prompt action from the police officers. We thank the officers for their efforts.


The Bike Tracker is the perfect solution to monitor your motorbikes at all times. It is designed for the motorbike owner and Fleet Manager with a serious need to control the use of his asset and also offers reassurance that in the event of theft, the motorbike/Bajaj will be quickly recovered due to the GPS location accuracy.

Major benefits:

  • Quick recovery in the event of theft.
  • Enhanced security for the Motorcycles.
  • Quick identification of Misuse for personal work.
  • Quick identification of unauthorized use outside permitted working hours and areas.
  • Continuous vision of the assets location at all times.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operational expenses from better usage of the Bike.
  • Longer life span of the Bike.
  • Quicker response to emergencies due to GPS Location accuracy.
  • Reduced risk for Financed Bikes for Asset Financiers as the Asset is under constant watch.