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Over the years the price of fuel has sky rocketed and every fleet owner wants to find a way to effectively manage his/her fleet's fuel consumption to save up on the fuel expenses. Fuel Management Systems or simply FMS, are typically used in the management, control and monitoring of fuel consumption.

Customer Care Department

Thank you for choosing Utrack Africa Limited as your Fleet Management Partner. In order to improve our services we have setup a Customer Care Department. Kindly read through to learn how to quickly and effectively get assistance from us.


As a Fleet Owner, imagine receiving a call telling you that one of your vehicles has been involved in a grisly road accident. Since you operate locally, your first instinct is to rush to the scene of the accident to see first hand what happened. When you're told where the accident took place you're surprised that it was in an area you clearly told your drivers not to go to. Rogue drivers will always attempt to make some quick cash by wandering off to restricted areas without your knowledge. This is where the Geo-Fencing technology proves useful.

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