The Vaisakhi Rally 2015 took place on the 22nd March, 2015 in Moshi town and it attracted hundreds of rally enthusiasts from Tanzania and neighboring countries. This was the first race in this year’s National Rally Competition (NRC) calendar. In total, about 26 drivers from Kenya, Uganda and the host country Tanzania entered the competition including veteran drivers such as Gerard Miller, Kirit Pandya, Randeep Birdi etc.



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The event was organized by Kilimanjaro Motorsport Club (KMSC) and it attracted several sponsorships from various companies. The total event covered 161km including the 8km spectator stage that took place at the KIA grounds.

Utrack Africa Limited participated in the event in two major ways:

  1. As one of the major sponsors of the rally
  2. As a sponsor for two experienced rally drivers: Gerard Miller and Jamil Khan

The managing director of Utrack Africa Limited & Radiowave Communications Limited, Mr. Zully Mohamed, was quick to admit his love for motor sports and revealed that there were plans in motion to have a Utrack Africa Limited & Radiowave Communications Limited rally team to participate in future events. 

Mr. Zully also pointed out that security for the race cars & drivers and communication among the organizers was more important in these race events than the rally itself. He said that given the importance of the event, the company deployed the expertise and modern equipment to ensure that communication was readily available throughout the event which was very successful. 

Utrack Africa Limited has always been a great supporter and sponsor of such events and the Vaisakhi Rally 2015 was no exception. The event organizers needed to find a way to be able to know where each and every rally car was and how they were progressing in real time. Utrack Africa being one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in Tanzania, stepped up to have those concerns addressed.

Having done this in previous rallies, we were able to quickly install tracking systems in all of the rally cars thereby enabling the organizers to keep track of the cars in real time throughout the competition. We have several solutions that cater for different needs in different sectors such as tourism, mining and transportation. The solution of choice for this event however was Fleet Advanced which has all the features needed in tracking, monitoring and tracing vehicles.


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The system was meant to:

  1. Monitor and keep track of all the rally cars in real time.
  2. Alert the organizers via email every time each of the cars entered or left certain areas or points and also when they left the predefined routes (Geo-fencing). 
  3. Discourage mischief among the competitors as they were being closely monitored by the organizers.
  4. Aide the emergency crews by enabling them to easily trace the drivers in case of serious trouble such as injuries.

The organizers could either:

  1. Login to a web portal and view the rally cars’ positions and progress in real time
  2. Download the Olympia Tracking android application and use it to monitor and track the cars. Those with the application could also get periodic notifications/alerts on their android phones.
  3. Check the periodic alerts in their emails from the system with details concerning the various rally cars in the competition. 

A temporary control room was set up at the service park where the organizers were able to get custom reports and status of the vehicles in real time throughout the competition. 



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  1. The tracking systems installed by Utrack Africa worked as was expected. The organizers were able to keep tabs on all vehicles participating in the competition
  2. The organizers were able to know the mischievous competitors who tried to cheat by using shortcuts or unauthorized routes. The replay function in the portal would provide the organizers with a water tight case in the event that it was required.
  3. The custom alerts via email allowed the organizers to always be aware of what was happening on the tracks as far as the rally cars were concerned even when they were not logged in to the web portal.

Faheem Aloo, the COC at the event, had this to say about the services provided by Utrack Africa Limited and Radiowave Communications Limited:

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the great support we received from Utrack Africa and Radiowave Communications in making our Vaisakhi Rally 2015 very successful. As I was the COC, I was in charge of making sure the event ran smoothly and safely. Utrack Africa made it possible for me to monitor all the rally cars in real time with the Geo fencing system and I was able to receive alerts whenever a Rally car entered a time control or radio point. With the help of Radiowave Communications, our communication never broke down and whenever a problem arose we could respond a lot faster and smoothly. ‎Hope to get your support next year too. Great appreciation to all the Utrack Africa & Radiowave Communications teams and management.

Apart from sponsoring the rally event, Utrack Africa Limited sponsored Gerard Miller and Peter Fox who took part in the competition. Mr. Miller has participated in numerous competitions for several years now and this year’s National Rally Competition was no different. He drove a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX and started at number 7. In his last two rallies in 2014 which were, Guru Nanak Arusha rally and Mount Uluguru rally, he finished 1st and 2nd place respectively.

The team kicked off the race in high gear but due to mechanical issues, Gerard Miller and co-driver Peter Fox were unable to finish the race. Despite this disappointing outcome, Utrack Africa Limited is proud to have sponsored Mr. Miller and will continue to offer our support for the veteran driver.



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Appreciation Award

The organizers of the Vaisakhi Rally 2015 presented Utrack Africa Limited with an Appreciation Award for the great services rendered during the rally event and for the sponsorship. The managing director, Mr.Zully, confirmed that sponsorship of rally events will not stop with the Vaisakhi Rally 2015. Plans are underway to sponsor the ARC rally event later this year and others if time will allow.  

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