School Bus Tracking & Management

Child safety is a top priority for any concerned parent. We understand that parents need to know that their children are safe while in transit to and from their respective schools. This is why we customized an all-round solution for School Buses.

It makes total sense to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in school buses to ensure the safety of students because that’s when you add value to your educational services. Having the ability to track your school buses at any given moment means that you also have the ability to locate your driver and students more quickly.


  • ☑ GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring
  •  Ignition monitoring 
  •  Engine immobilization 
  •     Remotely from Application  
  •     By Driver Authorization
  •     By Driver clean Alcohol test 
  •  Openings monitoring & control 
  •  Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) 
  • ☑ SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)
  • ☑ Driver ID Tag: To allow only authorized drivers issued with the Tag to drive the vehicle.
  • ☑ To identify the driver of a particular vehicle.
  • ☑ Driver behaviour and rating
  • ☑ Verify the official start and end of the work day
  • ☑ Real-time fuel monitoring 
  • ☑ Fuel level & amount 
  • ☑ Fuel dispensed into fuel tank
  • ☑ Fuel consumption rate
  • ☑ Theft detection
  • ☑ Tanker Cargo Compartment Monitoring
  • ☑ Connection to Asset sensors and/or engine controller (if available) RPM, coolant temperature, coolant level, oil pressure, voltage, power, and more.  
  • ☑ Battery management
  •     Connected/disconnected
  •     Battery Voltage monitoring
  • ☑ Real-time video surveillance 
  • ☑ Video on demand
  • ☑ Automatic snapshots upon alerts
  • ☑ Event customization (severity, time activation, alert Management) 
  • ☑ Multi – conditional events, up to three logical rules for generating event
  •  Common Events 
  •  Over Speed
  • ☑ Status Start 
  •  Status End
  •  Panic Button
  •  Immobilizer On
  •  Immobilizer Off
  •  No Communication
  •  Working Events
  •  Prohibit Working Time
  •  Prohibit Working Days
  •  Late Shift Start
  •  Routing events 
  •  Analog Events by Threshold 
  •  Digital Events On/Off State 
  •  Fuel events 
  •     Refueled 
  •     Empty Tank 
  •     Fuel Drop 
  •     Fuel Level at X Value
  • ☑ Temperature Events (Temperature exceeds or below threshold determined by user)
  • ☑ Maintenance events 
  •  Maintenance and Licensing Events 
  •  Maintenance Due Date
  •  Maintenance Due Distance
  • ☑ Maintenance Due Working Hours
  • ☑ Licensing Due Date
  •  Warranty Due Date
  •  Checkup Due Date
  • ☑ Power Control 
  •     Power External Battery Low
  •     Power Reconnected
  •     Power Disconnected
  •     Low Backup Battery
  • ☑ Location Events 
  •     Geofence EntrY
  •     Geofence Leave
  •     Location Request By User
  •  Contact (Driver) Events 
  •     Contact Identification
  •     Unrecognized Contact
  •     Unauthorized Code
  •     No-Code Ignition


  • Ensure student safety during pick ups/ drop offs

    Believe it or not, there’s nothing more frustrating for the parents waiting to pick their kid at the bus stop realizes that he/she is not there on the bus. School bus tracking is not just about tracking bus in real time, it’s about ensuring safety & security of students, ensuring they have arrived at the drop-off/pick-up points safely.

  • Evaluate driving patterns & reduce accident risks

    Heartbreaking stories of motor vehicle accidents being frequent nowadays, wouldn’t it be good enough to keep monitoring your school bus drivers’ performance on the road all the while? With driver identification devices configured to GPS tracking devices, getting notifications when vehicle speeds over the set limit, does a harsh braking, sudden acceleration or severe turning help you pinpoint the reckless driver and take immediate action to avoid accidents. Parents can receive immediate alerts.

  • Avoid child abduction incidents

    Utilizing GPS tracking clubbed with onboard cameras help keep your children safe. An advanced GPS tracking device can confirm whether a child has boarded & got off the wrong bus. Similarly, knowing their kid has boarded assigned bus & traveling to the right location, provides the surety to parents that they are safe and in the case of any unusual happenings (gets down at the wrong stop, not boarded the bus from school etc).

  • Peace of mind for parents

    Offering increased student safety values to parents helps you take your school reputation to new heights. Let the parents track school bus in real time using a desktop/laptop or even a mobile and receive notifications on each happening (student reaches school, boards bus (Via CCTV Technology) and stay stress-free throughout the day.

  • Save time, fuel & money with optimized routes

    Organizing & scheduling school bus routes by including all bus-stops inline help you save fuel by a great deal. You could avoid wrong turns & traffic peak routes while scheduling, so the buses would never be late to reach school. Not just that, assigning appropriate routes would help parents & kids too, they can avoid waiting long times for school bus to reach their bus stops. Wouldn’t it be great if parents can track trip progress too?


This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.