Agro Machinery Tracking & Management

Today, more than ever, farmers need to manage their available resources effectively to maximize the quality of their products. These resources include seed, fertilizer, pesticides and machinery.

In the past, farmers didn`t have excellent solutions to help monitor and evaluate the efficiency of farm operations.

Now, thanks to Utrack Africa Agro Tracker Solution, management of the machines can be more exact by precisely quantifying the effects of type, quantity, and location of operations.

Utrack Agro Tracker system is a web-based farm management system to assist farmers and land managers in achieving “best practice” agricultural outcomes. It is used all over the agricultural industry to manage resources, increase yields, reduce input costs, predict outcomes, and more.

It provides a comprehensive tool for the decision making process and follow-up of the decisions in the field of daily farm activities.

It allows to control the progress of field work, such as sowing, fertilization, harvesting, etc. and at the same time, having a total control of your machines.

By using Utrack Agricultural Management Solution you are guaranteed to get the following:

  • ☑ The ratio of the number of cultivated fields to their total number
  • ☑ The total number of registered cultivations
  • ☑ The total area where the work was carried out
  • ☑ The total number of units/machines used in cultivations
  • ☑ The total number of operations performed in the fields.
  • ☑ A total control over Drivers and Machines


Creating Fields. You can specify crop rotation for each field to show what was cultivated, where, and what’s happening there now.5ced20ea3d31a

Work with units, trailers, drivers from the system.


Fill in crops and operations catalogs showing the crops and works performed on the fields.


Detect and register cultivations for any date.


When calculating the cultivation area, we also consider overlaps, gaps and fuel spent. All the data can be visualized in reports or on the map.


  • ☑ Real time Tracking ( Location)
  • ☑ Geographical Fencing 
  • ☑ Speeding Monitoring
  • ☑ Cultivation area counting 
  • ☑ Duration and number of Cultivations 
  • ☑ Driver Management 
  • ☑ Remote Engine Immobilization
  • ☑ Unauthorized working Hours
  • ☑ Working/Non-Working Hours
  • ☑ Total Mileage during Field cultivation
  • ☑ Maintenance Management
  • ☑ Automated Alerts
  • ☑ Operational and Statistical Reports
  • ☑ Mobile Application


Identify the Driver of the Vehicle: Run reports by driver as well as by vehicle. Find out who got that speeding ticket, who was driving when a speeding alert was issued, who is misusing vehicles after hours and more.

Supplement Timesheet Reports: Check your driver reports against timesheet reports to confirm the hours worked by each driver. This ensures the accuracy of your payroll.

Verify the Official Start and End of the Day: Knowing what time each driver began and ended work on any given day helps reduce false overtime claims.

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Wialon software is a cloud-based, SaaS and server-based multifunctional fleet management platform that can also be used for mobile & stationary assets tracking. The software system supports various cartographic services that are used in monitoring including Open Street Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, and more.

Wialon app for iOS and Android. ... Wialon app allows to manage monitoring unit list, providing immediate insight into activity of assets in a real-time mode. Handy navigation and user-friendly interface make it easy to access multiple functions of Wialon Mobile.