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Cargo tracking is the tracking of goods and their conveyances from the point of origin to destination. Electronic Cargo Tracking is achieved via information transfer to online monitoring platforms using Radio Frequency (RFID)/ Bluetooth and GPS/ GPRS combined. Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Customs and Excise Department introduced the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) to monitor the movement of goods under Customs Control in Tanzania.

Under this ECTS Project, UTRACK AFRICA LTD is authorized by TRA to supply Hardware/Tracking Solutions for all categories:

☑ Containerized Goods transported by Trucks and Rail
☑ Wet Cargo transported by Road and Rail Tankers
☑ Single Units (new/ used motor vehicles) moving on own wheels, loaded on car carriers and loaded on rail wagons
☑ Loose Cargo loaded on box body/flatbed trucks and on covered/ open wagons

Trucks/vehicle, tankers and containers carrying Transit goods under TRA’s control are required to be fitted with a tracking device and electronic seal which will send the seal status, truck location and any violation information to TRA control Centre on a real time basis.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Master Lock UT701

UT701 is a sophisticated Asset Tracking Solution that provides enhanced functionality, requires easy installation, and caters to a wide range of Cargo Tracking applications.

It can greatly reduce the economic and financial losses caused by lack of visibility in monitoring valuable and un-taxed transit cargo conveyed in containers, tankers as well as loose cargo.


☑ Unique Design, Unlock With RFID/SMS Password
☑ Big Capacity Battery, Long Working Time
☑ Built-in GSM Module, Remote Online Monitor
☑ Built-in GPS Module, Real Time Global Positioning
☑ Satety Monitoring, Alarms For illegal Unlocking


Intelligent Bluetooth Padlock UT709BL

UT709 Intelligent bluetooth padlock is developed on the basis of our existed product model UT701. UT701 work as the master lock, and the UT709BL works as the slave lock, and they are suitable to the management applications, such as: container / oil tanker, one master muti slave lock (muti doors / valves). Device is with feature: configuring parameters online, rechargeable lithium battery, reusable, get high precise tracking data through master part UT701.

At the same time, It can support unlocking in remote online or on site offline, and running in different monitoring platform, real time tracking online, history route replaying, lock status tracking. This can provide asset tracking and management solution with lower cost, higher security, higher efficiency, more intelligent.


☑ Fast BLE Unlock
☑ APP-authorized Unlock
☑ Above 50 thousand Unlock
☑ Rechargeable battery
☑ Above 1000 unlock logs
☑ IP65



2G/3G/4G Container GPS Tracker

UHB-A1L is an intelligent tracking and positioning lock to ensure the safety of logistics and freight assets. It has RFID/ remote unlocking, large capacity battery, built-in GPS Module, illegal unlock alarm etc. Support Bluetooth can be used to recieve the temperature and humidity sensor signals of the compartment.


☑ 2G/3G/4G Network
☑ GPS Positioning
☑ Built in Bluetooth connect to wireless sensor
☑ Main battery 15000mAh backup battery for unlock in emergency
☑ IP67 Waterproof



☑ GPS module: GPS L1/BD B1
☑ Backup battery: 500mAh, rechargable
☑ Communication module: 2G/3G
☑ Working Temperature: -30OC ~ +70OC
☑ Protection Level: IP67
☑ Customizable Lock Wire Length
☑ Working Voltage 3.3~4.6V

☑ Unlock Method: RFID/BLE/SMS/GPRS
☑ Bluetooth: 5.0
☑ Movement Recognization by Sensor
☑ Current: Standby<3mA, Sleep Normal<60mA, Power off<20uA
☑ Size: 185mm x 150mm x 53mm
☑ Main Battery: 15000mAh, rechargeable
☑ Weight: 1KG

Seal Certification

Utrack hardware has been tested to the highest international standards including but not limited to:

☑ ATEX: II 2 G Ex ia IIB T4 - Intrinsic Safety for potentially explosive enviroments (this includes enviroments where fuel and petroleum products are present)

Portable Tracking Unit (Tagging)

Here is a video showing how ECTS portable tracking unit tagging is done:

Tagging is done by our authorized ECTS port agents at the designated port(s) or border(s) locations.

Seal Rental Payments via Mobile Money

☑ Go to Mpesa, Tigo Pesa or Airtel Money menu (Tanzanian mobile money operators)
☑ Go to Financial Services Menu 
☑ Select option to send Money (from Mobile Wallet) to Bank
☑ From the list of banks select BancABC
☑ Insert TSH amount to be sent
☑ Insert Utrack TSH bank account number – 4993092026
☑ Show confirmation SMS to our Tagging Agent to receive services.
☑ Please be patient as Tagging Operator will first confirm receipt of funds with the office.

Service available during normal office working hours/days excluding Public Holidays i.e.
☑ Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm
☑ Sat 9 am to 1 pm

Benefits & Advantages


☑ Immediate Compliance to TRA requirements
☑ Reduced delay at port and boarder hence improving turnaround times. This leads to increased productivity and better profits to the stakeholders/ transporters
☑ Reduced dumping of Transit Cargo in local markets
☑ Elimination of Transit Cargo Theft
☑ Quicker Bond processing/ cancellation
☑ Elimination of manual processes along the supply chain
☑ Reliability based on tested and proven solutions
☑ Plug and Play hardware making it easy and quick to mount and remove the seals


☑ Experience - more than 7 years in Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking with over 3000 units deployed on the road. We understand the daily challenges of the Fleet Owner/ Operator
☑ Dedicated After Sales Services and Support
☑ Cost-effective solutions giving best value for money
☑ 24 hours access to Customer Care Department
☑ Utrack has partnership with other leading Fleet Management companies in the region
☑ Products and Solutions offered have a global recognition - they are use in many other territories worldwide
☑ 24 hours Contol and Monitoring Centre
☑ Wide range of products
☑ Tested and Proven Seals with full certification for Intrinsic Safety. These seals can be used on potentially hazardous and flammable enviroments

ECTS Helpdesk

We thank you for choosing Utrack Africa as your ECTS service provider. To provide you with better services, we have set up an ECTS Helpdesk dedicated to providing support to our ECTS clients. The helpdesk will be open for extended hours to enable you access help whenever you need it. We also have a support hotline reachable 24 hours a day. Below are the services provided by the Utrack ECTS support desk:

  • Seal Activation/Tagging Support Services
    The support team will coordinate seal tagging services at the various loading/activation points for all ECTS clients for both portable tracking units and fixed ECTS systems. For proper planning, we request that the Support team is informed of expected activations at least 24-48 hours in advance.
  • Training
    The Support team will arrange for training of clients on correct usage, charging, storage and maintenance of our ECTS portable devices/seals.
  • Incident Logging and Advisory Services
    Utrack's Support desk is your one-stop center to report all incidents e.g loss or theft of seal, trip extension, delays in transit etc. Our highly trained support team will log the incident into our system and offer you advice on what steps to take next.
  • Hardware/Firmware Information
    When hardware/firmware upgrades are available, our support team will contact you to advise you of the same and to make arrangements on how your seals can be upgraded. They will also contact you to let you know when the process is complete so that you can arrange collection where necessary.
  • General Information
    The Control Room will regularly circulate general information and new developments to all our customers that may have an impact on their business and ECTS in general.
  • Contacts
    ☑ Hotline Number: (255) 784 123 000
    ☑ Email: support@ects.co.tz

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